Maybe you have been attending church your whole life or maybe you feel out of place in a pew.  No matter your background we believe that our church has something to offer you.  It’s not easy to figure out the next step even if church isn’t new to you.  To explain how you can get plugged in here at FBC Kenmore let us tell you a little bit about:

Our Message: We serve a God that sent His Son to die for us.

In its simplest form, that is our Message.  You can call it the Gospel, the Good News, or you can think it’s a fairy tale, but we believe we have been placed on this Earth to spread the Truth of God’s love to everyone in Akron, Ohio, and beyond.  If you have questions about this topic check out How to Get to Heaven.

Our Ministries: We have so many ways to serve and be served! 

Sunday School- You can become a part of our Legacy Adult Class (ages 55+), our IMPACT class (ages 20-55), The Forge (ages 12-19), or our Kids’ B.L.A.ST.  These classes have a group teaching time each Sunday morning at 10am.  Each group has at least one activity each month where you can meet some great people your own age and nurture friendships and fellowship. 

Morning and Afternoon Services– There is nothing more uplifting then being around God’s people in God’s House.  We have two worship services each Sunday morning.  One at 11:00am and the other at 1:45pm.  You will not want to miss the edifying song service and the exhortation from God’s Word brought by Pastor Grimaldi.

Wednesday Prayer Time and Family Foundations- We believe the foundation of a strong church are strong families built on prayer.  That’s why at 7pm, we have a special time of prayer as a Church followed by an uplifting and educational service in the main church building.  This is a special time for families of all sizes and ages to come together and build themselves on God’s Word.  Your children will enjoy King's Kids and adults will be strengthened by the Bible Study.

For those looking for a place of service we have:

The Bus Ministry– Free transportation for our surrounding communities of Kenmore and Barberton.  We pick up dozens of children and their families every week and give them the opportunity to attend our church without worrying about how to get here.  We are always looking for servants that want to invest in the great people of our community.

God’s Gals– An exciting chance for the ladies of our church to lift each other up and find a place of ministry.  GALS stands for Growing And Loving Servants, and that is what the ladies of our church strive to be.  They meet at least once a month and take care of important areas of service such as decorations, visiting shut-ins and the elderly,  special events, encouraging college students that are away from home, the prayer chain, funeral dinners for church members, and many other needful capacities.  Talk to our Welcome Center workers for more info about this great ministry.

Choir– The Bible says “enter into His gates with singing, and into His courts with praise”.  We believe that our worship is very important.  Preparing the people’s hearts for the message from God’s Word is a responsibility we do not take lightly.  We have singers that have been singing their whole lives and others who have only just begun.  Wherever you think you are as a singer, we would love to hear from you.  If you are curious about joining the choir or our special music program talk to Asst. Pastor Micah McCurry. 

Media and Design– We serve a God that deserves our best.  If you would like to help be a part of producing first class literature, video and audio, or helping with sound production during a service we are always looking for more assistance.  If you are passionate about this area do not hesitate to talk to Asst. Pastor Micah McCurry.

Kids’ B.L.A.ST. (Bible Learning Adventure STation) and Nursery– We love teaching children about our AMAZING God!  If you believe you can be a help in this area speak to our church staff in person.  We are always in need of excited teachers and nursery workers.  (Because the safety of our children is paramount, all teachers, helpers, nursery workers must undergo background checks before beginning service in any ministry involving children.)                                                    

These are just a few of our ministries.  Talk to our Church Staff to inquire about others.

Our Members: Seek to love and serve God through our Church

Our church is not a building or land.  The First Baptist Church of Kenmore is made up of people.  People that love God and want to serve Him and each other.  We have the opportunity to help, encourage, and support one another through this ministry.  If you are interested in being a part of this place and taking part ownership of this assembly, please talk to any of our Church Staff today. 

If you have any questions about anything you have read please Contact Us and we would love to speak to you.