Pastor Joe Grimaldi was born on July 28, 1959, to Joseph and May Grimaldi. He was raised in the Pittsburgh area and began attending Calvary Baptist Church in Allison Park, Pennsylvania at the age of five. He was saved on July 23, 1973, and was baptized the next year. He was called to preach in 1975 during a Youth Conference at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.
He attended Hyles-Anderson College from 1977-1981; as a student, he served as a dorm monitor, bus captain, and bus division leader. In June of 1981, he returned to Calvary Baptist Church in Allison Park to work as the Assistant Pastor, Bus Director, and Youth Director. In October of 1987, he became the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. During his thirteen years as pastor, many were saved and baptized, the church supported many missionaries, and the buildings and property were paid off. In September of 2000, God called Bro. Grimaldi to start the Midwest Baptist Church in Rochester, Minnesota, where he served as pastor for thirteen years.
In May of 2013, Pastor Grimaldi became the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Kenmore in Akron, Ohio.
Pastor Grimaldi and his wife Kendra have been married since 1979. The Lord has blessed them with four children and seven grandchildren.

After completing his Bachelors in Pastoral Theology and his Masters in Church Ministries, Micah McCurry and his wife, Rebekah, moved to Akron, OH in the late summer of 2014. Serving on staff at FBC as the Music Director, his desire is to provide an atmosphere of Biblically sound music that honors and glorifies our Lord. In his position as Youth Pastor, he and his wife want nothing more than for the teens to know what they believe, why they believe it, and then live what they know.  His wife Rebekah, who holds a Bachelors in Elementary Education, serves as the Church’s financial and administration secretary.