Since 1920, the First Baptist Church of Kenmore has been a vibrant part of our community.

Rush hour in Akron, OH in the 1920's

Rush hour in Akron, OH in the 1920's

Our Start

The First Baptist Church of Kenmore began with a group of believers in the home of Mrs. Archie Lee. FBC was officially organized under the authority of a local church on November 20, 1920 in the Kenmore High School with a group of 76 believers. As FBC has grown, its ministries have changed with the needs of the community. One fact has stayed the exact same though, The First Baptist Church loves Kenmore and desires to influence this city with the Gospel. Our church is marked with energy, passion for the community, and the preaching of God’s Word. This makes FBC an exciting place to be! In every season of ministry together, God has continually done more than we ever could have expected.

Our Heritage

The 18th St. property

The 18th St. property

Under our first pastor, Pastor C. H. Starrett, the church undertook to build a building on 18th St. in Kenmore. He served the church until 1923. A myriad of other great men have stood in the pulpit including: George Enterline, 1923-1931, C.J. Pugh, 1931-1933, Vernon Phillips, 1933-1935, J.S. Kirtley, 1935, H.S. Bullock, 1936-1941, Kendall North, 1941-1943, Darrell Pearce, 1944-1950, George Stitt, 1950-1953, George Fissell, 1953-1963, John Keith, 1963-1975, Delmar Pursley, 1975-1977, Joel Rush, 1977-1980.

In 1980, Pastor Walt Schuckert became Pastor. Under his leadership, in 1985 the church purchased the property here at 2330 East Avenue. With God’s help, the church was able to pay off the property in 1989, and then started building the current auditorium. Not wanting to go into great debt, most of the work was done by Pastor Schuckert, long time member Bro. Boldry, and many others. The first service was held in the new auditorium on August 9, 1992. Pastor Shuckert remained the pastor until being called into evangelism in 1993.

Pastor Rick Fox was called as pastor in 1995. Under his leadership, the gymnasium was built, and the church started the “Sowing the Seed Radio Broadcast” that preaches the Gospel around the country each week. Pastor Fox served the church faithfully for 17 years. He led the church in starting bus routes and soul winning ministries. Under his ministry, the church had a heart for missions, supporting missionaries all over the world. In 2013, Pastor Fox graduated to Heaven.

Our Future

In 2013, the church called Pastor Joe Grimaldi to become their pastor. As we remember our past, we pray for revival in the present, while we reach toward our future.  We look forward with great anticipation to what God will do here at The First Baptist Church of Kenmore.