Sowing the Seed Radio Broadcast

We are proud to carry on the burden that Pastor Rick Fox had for proclaiming the Gospel over the airwaves. Pastor Fox passed away in February of 2013 after faithfully serving FBC Kenmore for 19 years but Sowing the Seed lives on. He recorded over 200 Gospel messages that are played on multiple stations across the country. You can find the schedules of when Sowing the Seed is played and links to all of the different stations below.


Wvgv (West Union, WV)

West Virginia's Gospel Voice (WVGV) has been a great friend to the ministry at FBC Kenmore and plays the program at 8:25am and 11:00pm EST each Sunday.

dan w wgvd.jpg

WGVD (Dwight, IL)

Pastor Dan Woodward and the First Baptist Church of Dwight, IL have just started a brand new radio station! They broadcast Sowing the Seed every Sunday morning at 9:00am and 11:00am CST.


WYTJ (Linton, IN)

Pastor Doug Cassel and the Bethel Baptist Church is home to WYTJ. They have been gracious enough to play the Sowing the Seed Radio Broadcast every Sunday at 5:00am and 5:30am EST.


WKJV (Asheville, NC)

Brother Wendell Runion is a wonderful saint of God! He has ministered all over the world and currently focuses a large portion of his attention on WKJV there in North Carolina. This station has the potential to reach about 1 million people with the Gospel every day! They play our program every Sunday night at midnight EST.


The Bible Truth Radio (Hunker, PA)

The Bible Truth Radio is an online station that has over 75,000 active listeners every month! Bro. Phil Clausner is doing a great work with this ministry. We are privileged to have Sowing the Seed on his station every Saturday at 6pm EST.