Natividad DeLarca - Honduras

The Delarca's are choice servants of God currently serving Him in Honduras. Natividad was called into the mission field in 1978. They are part of the Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association and have started over 20 churches that Natividad still travels to check on, mentoring pastors and future pastors. Many have been saved in the very rural area that the Delarca's serve. As you remember these folks in prayer, please pray for a special blessing on Mrs. Delcarca, Cora. Cora is permanently confined in a wheelchair but still has a strong children's ministry. She even hosts events in her home. Bro. Delarca still have a great vision for the work that God has given him and his wife. Continue to pray for these folks.



Adrian Ferrari - Argentina

Adrian attended Providence Baptist College and graduated from Baptist Bible College & Seminary (PA) in 2012 with a BA and an MA in Bible. Krystal attended Providence Baptist College and is currently a homemaker. The Lord called both of them to missions while they were attending Bible College. In 2012 they were appointed with Northwest Bible Baptist Missions. They began deputation April 2013 and their sending church is – Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. The Lord has blessed them with four children, Gabriella (Gabby), Adriana (Adri), Daniel (Danny) & Vincenzo (Vinny) Ferrari.

Brian George - Argentina

Brian George is a missionary with FBMI to the country of Argentina. The George family is sent out of the Marion Ave. Baptist Church.  They have been on the field for over 20 years! Their Bible college has trained and sent out 30 men to pastor or work in full-time Christian service. So far, 14 churches have been started of their goal of 100 new churches. FBC Kenmore is proud to be a part of this faithful family's work in South America.



Todd Holland - Arctic Canada







Ben Jordan - Dominican Republic

Robert Tirado - Dominican Republic

Daniel Wilder - Guatemala