Our Missionaries

This section of our website is dedicated to our spiritual heroes, our missionaries. Without the work of these brave men and women, First Baptist Church of Kenmore would never be able to fully obey the command given to us by Christ Himself to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel”. We cannot encourage you enough to get to know these fine messengers of the Gospel. Their example of selflessness, obedience, and yieldedness to God make them worthy heroes for us all. We are so thankful for each and every one of them. Please be tender to the burden that we all should have to pray for and support these missionaries.

Please note: this page is under construction as we do our best to present FBC Kenmore's missionaries in the best way possible. Please bear with us we add features, maps, and links so that you can learn even more about each of these amazing servants of God.

Alberico, Ron


Ron was saved at the age of 14 at a Family Bible Camp meeting. Amy was saved as a young girl in Bridgeport, MI. Ron and Amy went to Ambassador Baptist College where Amy graduated with a Music degree. Ron furthered his education at Southern Indiana Baptist College where he received his Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate. Ron and Amy and their two children, Patience Joy and Faithful Truth, are based out of Agape Baptist Church in Stockton, MO.

Araiza, Oliver


Bro. Oliver is a full time Evangelist and member of the Landmark Baptist Church in Parkersburg, WV. He is also the General Manager of WVGV (West Virginia's Gospel Voice) FM West Union, WV. The goal of WVGV and Bro. Oliver is to meet the spiritual needs of the citizens of West Union and surrounding communities as well as around the nation and even the world via internet. Our various Bible-based programming is designed to give strength, hope, and direction for the day in which we live. Our programming is family friendly. There is programming for the entire family along with daily programs for children and teenagers. WVGV strives to be a blessing to men, women, the senior citizens and shut-ins of the community. 

Bassham, Philip


Though Bro. Phillip was raised in a Christian home, it wasn’t until he went to a youth camp at age 15 that he understood his sin, realized his need of a Savior and put his faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.  As he read his Bible and began to grow, it quickly became clear that He wanted him in full-time Christian service.  In Bible college the Lord slowly worked in his life to direct his attention to the mission field more and more.  When he graduated, he was able to spend 6 months in Peru before helping to start Vision Baptist Church.  Every step of the way, He has been preparing him for the ministry He has now called him and his wife, Lori, to in Thailand.

Berg, Don


Donny grew up in Crown Point, Indiana. He has an amazing testimony of how his life was being wrecked and ruined by drugs, alcohol, rock music and that whole lifestyle. Thankfully, the Good Lord reached down and saved his soul and delivered him from the bondage and sorrow of that kind of life. Don felt the Lord leading us to serve as missionaries in the country of Australia. It took a few years to raise support and another year to get through the red tape of Australian immigration. They finally landed in Australia on February 2, 1997, and have been serving as missionaries in Australia ever since. 

Booth, Tim


Evangelist Tim Booth has been in the ministry for over 35 years. He is a evangelist with a widespread ministry here in the US. He has a passion for the next generation to have grit, to be able to stand as God commanded us to stand, and to be spiritual leaders. He has said… “Today we are facing a famine of real manhood and leadership.  It is unpopular to be competitive, aggressive, and assertive if you are a man, so we are plagued with people void of integrity, moral example, and courage of convictions in positions of leadership. As a result, our homes, churches, and nation have suffered. Bro Booth has dedicated his life to reaching another generation for God.

Bradley, James


James was raised in the mountains of Colorado in a Catholic home. He was saved after high school by reading a Gospel tract. He moved to Arizona and eventually started attending Thomas Road Baptist Church. It was at Thomas Road, under the ministry of Dr. Ken Adrian, that he surrendered to the call of God on his life for missionary service. James and his wife, Lori, currently serve in the huge Mexico City area.

Caranguian, Genesis


Genesis Caranguian is a Filipino national missionary. After studying at Marietta Bible College in Ohio, he joined with the work that Independent Baptist Missions for Asians is doing out of Marietta. Their primary mission is to help win souls and establish indigenous New Testament Baptist churches in the continent of Asia through local churches. Genesis and his wife, Jenny, are fulfilling God's call on their lives in the Gamu, Isabela area of the Philippines. 

Caranguian, Larry


Larry & Magdalene Caranguian have been faithful missionaries for many years. They have also raised a family that has a burden for missions as evidenced by their son Genesis Caranguian following in his father's footsteps there in the Philippines. Pray for the work God has given the Caranguian in Santiago, Philippines.

Conley, Daniel


As a young married couple, the Lord called Daniel and Kayla to the mission field. Their field is reaching the youth in the public schools both foreign and domestic. The Conleys are based out of Lexington, KY and they are joined with the Rock of Ages Prison ministries in the Prison Prevention Field. They actually have the opportunity to go into the classrooms of the public schools during regular classroom hours and teach lessons on character, morals, and ethics and reach the youth with the Gospel! Daniel and Kayla also set up Bible clubs where they get the opportunity to preach the word of God and give a full invitation and lead lost young souls to Christ. Their ministry moves them to an area that God  leads them to where there are opportunities and openings to get into the local public schools . The Conleys help open the doors and establish the Character Under Construction curriculum and start Bible clubs. They then train members of the local church they are working with to volunteer their time once or twice a month to go in and teach the youth using the CUC program. Once the schools are established Daniel and Kayla go to the next area the Lord leads them too.

Corle, Dennis


Bro. Corle is one of the premier evangelists in America today. God has blessed him with a nationwide ministry that includes holding almost 100 meetings a year in churches across the United States. He administrates the Revival Fires newspaper and website as well as a correspondence Bible school for those that feel God's calling into ministry. Bro. Corle has written numerous books that have been a help to tens of thousands of Christians. If you have the opportunity to attend the annual Shooter's Expo that he puts on at his property in Pennsylvania, you will not be disappointed. Likewise, you would be well served by taking every opportunity you can to hear this man preach.

Corpuz, Rizaldy


Rizaldy Corpuz is a Filipino national missionary. After going to Bible college in Laoag City in the Philippines, he is now working with Independent Baptist Missions for Asians. Their primary mission is to help win souls and establish indigenous New Testament Baptist churches in the continent of Asia through local churches. Rizaldy and his wife, Annabelle, are fulfilling God's call on their lives in the Tuguegarao City, Cagayan area of the Philippines. 

Deem, Timothy


Bro. Timoth Deem is the warehouse manager for DirectLine Ministiries. His testimony is as follows: I was saved in 1991 in the Philippines. The Lord used the movie “Burning Hell” to awaken me to my need for salvation. It scared me to death. I did not want to go to hell, so that night I asked my parents to show me how to be saved. I asked Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins and be my Savior. I was later baptized in Spencer, WV in a creek. I had always dreamed of flying, so I got a job at a restaurant to pay for flying lessons. In two years, I received my pilot license. I witnessed to everyone at work and had many conversations with them about spiritual things, but I wanted to do more to serve God. In my heart, I knew God was calling me into full-time ministry. It was time to quit my secular job and follow God’s will to work with DirectLine Ministry. I knew I would need to learn the Bible and learn to preach. I took two years of classes from my pastor, Vernon Snell. These Bible classes were a real blessing in preparing me for preaching the Word of God. Now I have the blessing of working with DirectLine Ministry and proclaiming the Gospel of my blessed Lord.

Bethany, Tim's wife, is a great asset to him and is available for help with ladies ministry and children’s classes. She is the DirectLine ministry’s secretary and places a crucial role in the work as well. They also love to provide special music.

DeLarca, Natividad


The Delarca's are choice servants of God currently serving Him in Honduras. Natividad was called into the mission field in 1978. They are part of the Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association and have started over 20 churches that Natividad still travels to check on, mentoring pastors and future pastors. Many have been saved in the very rural area that the Delarca's serve. As you remember these folks in prayer, please pray for a special blessing on Mrs. Delcarca, Cora. Cora is permanently confined in a wheelchair but still has a strong children's ministry. She even hosts events in her home. Bro. Delarca still have a great vision for the work that God has given him and his wife. Continue to pray for these folks.

Dombeck, Ray


Brother Ray is a valued member of the BEAMS Missionary Ministry in assisting the cause of supplying whole Bibles to missionaries around the world. He is serious about preaching the Word of God, seeing souls saved, and influencing people for Christ. He has been effective on mission fields throughout the world in reaching thousands with the life-changing message of the Gospel.

The Goal of BEAMS is to provide complete hard cover Bibles free of charge to missionaries. The primary purpose of BEAMS is to raise funds through offerings from local Bible believing Baptist churches for the printing and distribution of these Bibles to missionaries in need. Presently, the BEAMS ministry is serving 2,000 missionaries and national workers in 123 countries. The BEAMS ministry is sending out 10,000 whole hard cover Bibles per month in 24 languages.

For more information about the Beams Ministry go to: www.beamsbibles.com

Bro. Ray is also a chalk artist. His illustrated chalk sermons are designed to produce a lasting impact on the listeners, as people will retain more of what they see than what they hear. The chalk art service provides an excellent opportunity for attracting unsaved visitors to church, who normally would not come.

Fellowship Tract League


Their Purpose: The Bible gives every Christian the responsibility to take the Gospel to the whole world. God has ordained the local church to carry out His Great Commission.
The Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio. They believe the world can be reached for Christ through the printed page. Their purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God's people all around the world to fulfill His command.

Their Production: Since the ministry began in 1978, the Lord has allowed them to print and ship over 4 billion Gospel tracts into more than 200 countries. Every tract printed by this ministry has been given away free of charge. At the present time, they are printing in over 85 different languages.

The Fellowship Tract League began operation in one room of the Fellowship Baptist Church's basement with a single sheet-fed press. The ministry now occupies a separate 16,300 square foot building, and operates two presses. Their newest press is capable of printing in full-color, and prints twice as many tracts per hour as the presses they had in the past. The building and equipment are debt free! To God be the Glory!

Ferrari, Adrian


Adrian attended Providence Baptist College and graduated from Baptist Bible College & Seminary (PA) in 2012 with a BA and an MA in Bible. Krystal attended Providence Baptist College and is currently a homemaker. The Lord called both of them to missions while they were attending Bible College. In 2012 they were appointed with Northwest Bible Baptist Missions. They began deputation April 2013 and their sending church is – Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. The Lord has blessed them with four children, Gabriella (Gabby), Adriana (Adri), Daniel (Danny) & Vincenzo (Vinny) Ferrari.

George, Brian


Brian George is a missionary with FBMI to the country of Argentina. The George family is sent out the Marion Ave. Baptist Church.  They have been on the field for over 20 years! Their Bible college has trained and sent out 30 men to pastor or work in full-time Christian service. So far, 14 churches have been started of their goal of 100 new churches. FBC Kenmore is proud to be a part of this faithful family's work in South America.

Global Baptist Church Planters


Global Baptist Church Planters (GBCP) is a ministry that helps fund national pastors by working with established, veteran missionaries around the globe.  Over the past 12 years, Global has helped to plant over 500 churches in over 9 different countries.  Local Churches support church plants by sending funds through Global Baptist Church Planters. Global Baptist Church Planters helps maintain accountability of new church plants and sends funds through missionary Partners around the world. GBCP's Partners are established American missionaries who train and send out national pastors to plant churches. Lastly, Pioneers are national pastors who are fully supported for one to three years while their churches are established.

Golden Land Baptist Missions


The mission of GLBM is to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Myanmar and the Buddhist World by providing food, clothing and shelter for widows and orphans, establishing Christian schools to prepare young hearts, training and sending indigenous pastors and missionaries, and planting local churches.

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus Christ our Lord tells us to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations”.  Who better to teach within a nation than those indigenous to that nation in their own mother tongue.  As Paul tells Timothy: “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” (2 Timothy 2:2) This is a vital concern.  GLBM hopes to train masses of Burmese pastors in Biblical fundamentals and send them to share the mighty Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord with their people.  God is blessing with planting and raising up new Churches all over Burma.

Gorman, John


God began developing a burden in Jon and Tina’s hearts for military missions nearly ten years ago when Tina’s younger brother Rick, who was serving as a US Marine in Iraq, was killed in action. Jon and Tina were moved by Rick’s sacrifice to give themselves as a “living sacrifice” (Rom. 12:1) to God to reach with the Gospel those heroes who put their lives on the line for us. Jon and Tina’s great desire is for those who serve our country to come to know Jesus Christ before it is too late and to be discipled and grow in the Word of the Lord. Jon and Tina moved to New Jersey in 2013 and began Freedom Baptist Church outside of Fort Dix. Jon preaches, disciples, and goes out soul winning regularly as the pastor of Freedom Baptist Church. He also administrates and operates the Christian Servicemen center ministry in Wrightstown, NJ. Tina handles the office and paper work as well as the church nursery. She homeschools their four oldest children, Caleb, Anna, Abigail, and Ethan, with little Grace as her helper.

Grace Baptist Printing

Hall, Jeremy

Helzerman, Mark

Hiltibidal, Aaron

Holland, Todd

Inter-Lakes Baptist Church

International Baptist Outreach Mission

Jones, Daniel

Jordan, Ben

Marco, Doug

McDonald, Tiffany

Midwest Christian Boys' Football Camp

Mul, Sylvanus

Oana, Eugen

Pierucki, Paul

Pillar Baptist Ministries

Pittman, Wesley

Puente, Alberto

Rogers, Wendell

Sage, Chris

Schuckert, Walt

Sexton, Jerry

Sigstad, Mark

Slabaugh, Jonathan

Smith, Spencer

Sowing the Seed Radio Ministry

Taylor, Randy

Tirado, Robert

Wallace, Mike

Weldon, John

Wilder, Daniel

Williams, Justin

Wynne, Kevin

Yetzer, Chris

Youngstown Baptist Church

We have multiple MISSIONARIES that we do not have featured here on our mission's page due to security reasons. We ask that you pray a little bit extra for these unnamed but equally brave people serving in countries that are closed to public missions.